10 Ways to Leverage Safety Collaboration with Occupational Health Professionals

Monday | 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Communication and Training, Safety

Presenter: P. Greaney, WorkCare, Inc., Anaheim, CA.

During this session, EH&S professionals will learn how to enhance communication and collaboration with clinicians to more effectively leverage medical expertise, better integrate health and safety initiatives, ensure legal and regulatory compliance, and allow medical advisers to become key contributors to their organization’s success. Topics will include: 1. Ways to identify and select a provider of clinical services for an individual, a specific workforce or large, diverse population. 2. Defining the role of occupational medicine physicians as medical advisers and business consultants, including ways in which experienced clinicians can make significant contributions to collaborative health and safety programs and root-cause investigations. 3. Selecting clinical and operational metrics that can be used to track provider performance and patient outcomes, demonstrate the effectiveness of integrated occupational health and safety programs, and gain senior management support for targeted interventions. 4. Tapping into medical expertise to help ensure legal and regulatory compliance. 5. Standardizing best practices and promote evidence-based medicine to produce better outcomes, among others.