Progress and Key Considerations for Nanotechnology Development and Stewardship

Monday | 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Emerging Issues, Nanotechnology

Arrangers: C. Geraci, L. Hodson, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH; M. Shepard, Colden Corporation, Ballston Lake, NY. Moderator: C. Geraci, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH. Monitors: L. Hodson, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH; J. Dimitri, IBM, Yorktown Heights, NY.

This roundtable will present key information needed for the EHS practitioner to develop an effective plan that supports responsible development and commercialization of advanced materials and products being developed by nanotechnology research and development. In this session, the practicing industrial hygienist will learn about important research being conducted to help understand and mitigate hazards and risks of engineered nanomaterials, legal and regulatory perspectives, and an overview of the emergence of nanomaterials in a key industrial sector

An Update of NIOSH Research in the Areas of Risk Assessment Approaches to OELs, Results from PPE Evaluations, Successful Control Technology Strategies
C. Geraci, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH.

An Industrial Hygienist’s View of Nanotechnology from R&D and Semiconductor Manufacturing
M. Shepard, Colden Corporation, Ballston Lake, NY.

Legal and Regulatory Issues the EHS Practitioner Needs to Know
L. Bergeson, Bergeson & Campbell P.C., Washington, D.C.

EPA Activity on Specific Nanomaterials
A. Lamba, U.S. EPA, Washington, D.C.

The Emergence of Nanomaterials in Construction
B. Lippy, CPWR, The Center for Construction Research and Training, Silver Spring, MD.

Convergence and Advanced Material R&D Laboratories: Lessons Learned from Nanotechnology
K. Sheffield, Phillips 66, Bartlesville, OK.