Session Format Key

EHS Crossover Program (CR)

Practical information on safety and environmental topics.

Podium Session (PO)

20-minute presentations on scientific research, case studies, or professional practice with a focus on a particular topic.

  • Case Study/Professional Practice focuses on a problem-solving approach involving knowledge of real-world problems or actual situations that were investigated or tested.
  • Scientific Research Abstract presents new knowledge and understanding of the basic mechanisms of physical, chemical, or biological agents.

Poster Session (PS)

Graphic illustration of scientific research, case studies, or professional practice.

Roundtable (RT)

Various viewpoints presenting balanced perspectives, comparisons and/or controversies in current issues.

Science Symposium (SS)

Roundtable offering a high level of scientific content.

Interactive Learning (IL)

Various formats that lend themselves to networking with colleagues in small, but highly active group settings.