Technical Session Monitors

Prior to your session you are strongly encouraged to meet with your moderator and presenters to review the program format and flow of presentations. We suggest that your group utilize the Speaker Ready Room for this, as it is an excellent central meeting place. During your meeting, you should decide with the moderator how to divide the responsibilities for the session, as well as devise a way to notify the presenters when their time is almost up. Sessions must maintain the presenter order and run according to the advertised schedule.

Speaker Ready Room check-in is mandatory.

Additionally, all monitors must:

  • check for messages, program changes, and other updated information in the Speaker Ready Room
  • arrive to the Speaker Ready room at least 60 minutes before their session and the presentation room approximately 30 minutes before the session begins
  • locate lighting controls, emergency exits, audiovisual (A/V) technicians, and restrooms
  • position themselves so badges can be checked as attendees enter and/or collect any session passes
  • direct attendees to be seated in the front of the room and the middle of the rows so others may easily find a seat
  • prohibit standing in the back of the room or in the aisles (as advised by the fire marshal) unless it is to accommodate individuals with disabilities
  • inform attendees of the following rules:
    • Do not consume food or beverages in the room.
    • Dispose of any trash before leaving the room.
    • Do not audio or video record the session. All sessions, unless otherwise indicated, are recorded and will be made available via download after the AIHce.
  • relay evaluation details to attendees at the close of the session
    • Evaluations will be completed via the AIHce Mobile App or website. Details will be provided in the slide loop that appears on the screen in each presentation room. Encourage attendees to complete evaluations before leaving the room, if possible. Evaluations provide valuable information on the suitability of topics and are used by staff, volunteer groups, and future session arrangers.
  • assist in maintaining quiet and decorum
  • get technical or emergency assistance if needed

Technical Session Attendance

All session attendees must wear a badge, including presenters from other sessions. The following individuals should not be permitted into sessions (check AIHce badges):

  • booth personnel
  • Expo-only visitors
  • children
  • anyone not wearing a badge

*Passes for individual sessions will be provided by AIHce Staff in the Speaker Ready Room for presenters who are presenting in a single session only.

Technical Session Recordings

  • Audio recordings of technical session presentations will be available for purchase after AIHce, provided that permission has been granted by the presenters.
  • Technical Session presenters who do not grant permission to record their presentations will be edited out of the recordings.
  • The room must be kept quiet to ensure the quality of recording.
  • Personal recording is prohibited.
  • Attendees may purchase the AIHce on Demand recordings on site at a discount if they haven’t purchased specific recordings with their registration. Details are available at the AIHce on Demand booth near registration.

A/V and Computer Equipment

  • A/V and computer equipment will be provided in all technical session rooms.
  • Personal laptops may not be used in Technical Session presentation rooms. However, they may be used to review slides and practice in the Speaker Ready Room.
  • An A/V technician will be available to troubleshoot any problems. Note this person’s location before the session starts.


  • Personal conversations must be conducted outside the presentation room.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off or silenced.
  • Expect questions to be asked and answered. This should be done professionally. AIHce encourages scientific debate, open communication, healthy discussion, and respect for a diversity of opinions.
  • All session personnel, presenters, and attendees should conduct themselves in a professional manner. In the unlikely event of an outburst, argument, disruption, or emergency, go immediately to the Speaker Ready Roomand request staff assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding monitor responsibilities, please contact Kathryn Wege.