Attendee Spotlight: Laura Kienlen

AIHce 2015 Student Young Professional IH

University of Iowa

How many times have you attended AIHce?
Once (2014 in San Antonio)

What do you hope to gain from attending AIHce 2015?
I am hoping by attending AIHce 2015 I can see how professionals are utilizing the tools and techniques I have been taught through my classwork in their work so I can get a feel for the challenges that they encounter regularly in their various jobs.

Why do you think AIHce is the best conference for an IH/OH student or young professional?
I think AIHce is the best conference for students and young professionals because there is plenty of opportunities for networking. I have been to other conferences where each group more or less keeps to themselves, and little networking or connections between groups are made. At AIHce there are so many social events and mixers that allow professionals to interact with students and share their experiences, something that we are unable to learn in the classroom.

If you could have lunch with one presenter from the meeting, who would it be and why?
Catherine Hovde. I think the presentation on Occupational Safety and Hygiene is Africa sounds interesting and is important given the many different challenges that are present in this region of the world. I am very interested in bioaerosols and disease control and prevention, so learning about how professionals have tried to protect workers in a region that is generally a hot spot for different disease outbreaks is a topic that really interests me.

If you could have lunch with one celebrity, who would it be?
Kevin Garnett (I grew up a huge Timberwolves fan!)

Favorite app?

Favorite movie?
Hunger Games trilogy (the books, too)

Coffee or tea?

Salty or sweet?

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