Approval Memo

As an OEHS professional, you know you can find the latest information, innovations, and technologies when you attend AIHce. You also know that to be competitive, you must constantly fine-tune your skills, find new ways to cut costs, streamline processes, and drive change in your organization. AIHce will provide you with successful methods and best practices from leaders in the industry.

Use points from the sample memo below to drive home the benefits of attending AIHce.





Subj: Approval to Attend AIHce 2015

I would like your approval to attend AIHce 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. This conference is a unique opportunity for me to gain the knowledge and insight our organization needs to solve our daily and forward-looking strategic challenges.

AIHce offers a comprehensive menu of industrial hygiene, environmental health and safety, and product stewardship and sustainability education programs—from science to business management and everything in between. Below I’ve listed specific sessions that impressed me as being important to our current and future activities.

  • [Insert session titles here]
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  • [Insert session titles here]

I realize our budget is tight this year, however, this conference is a solid investment that will result in immediate and long-term benefits. I will be able to

  • increase efficiencies and productivity, enhance performance to help the bottom line, and maximize our investment by sharing information and knowledge with you and our colleagues.
  • network with my peers from all over the world to benchmark and learn what they are doing to solve similar problems.
  • meet suppliers to find the latest tools to help our organization.
  • earn points to maintain my professional certifications.
  • access “AIHce On Demand,” which provides digital recordings of almost all of the conference sessions. This information will be available to share within the organization at no additional cost.

AIHce is truly the best, most comprehensive educational investment we can make in our organization all year. Difficult times make it more important than ever that we NOT miss the information and knowledge that can help us build for a better tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration.

Download the Approval Memo as a Word document.